Monday, May 21, 2012

Things that make no sense

How many things in the world can you think of that don't make sense? A lot, right? Well, let's just go over just a few things which are, for lack of a better word, retarded.

Thursday, May 3, 2012

Big deal

If you've seen the news recently, you may notice that there have been a few stories that, let's be honest, you don't give a damn about. There's also those reports that, even though they may some how apply to your situation, they might as well be reporting a 500 mile wide asteroid hurtling toward New York. What's worse, some people are sucked in to it and some how pull an opinion out of their ass even though they, like everyone else not directly involved, are completely ignorant.

When did the Zimmerman trial become anyone's business outside of Florida? Why should I give a damn about someone playing a prank on their mate half way across the country? As far as I'm concerned, unless it's going to cause civil unrest or blow me off the face of the earth, it's just irrelevant gossip that should be left to the tabloids and half-wit blogs that specialize in such crap.

Everyone has an opinion. Whether it's their business or not (usually not), too many let their own personal bias get in the way of proper judgment and research. It's your right to have an opinion, but damnit! Do some homework before vomiting your brains all over the internet. I'm sick of hearing about things that I don't give a damn about, then having a pompous dick spew half digested rumor all over the place.

I'm sick of society placing value in irrelevance. I'm annoyed by an ignorant populace spreading half-baked opinions. It only serves to make matters worse, and by the time they realize their error the world has already gone to hell.