Monday, May 21, 2012

Things that make no sense

How many things in the world can you think of that don't make sense? A lot, right? Well, let's just go over just a few things which are, for lack of a better word, retarded.

NATO Ban on hallow point ammunition

Even though the military uses weapons that can, and well, rip a man in half, NATO still restricts the use of hallow point ammunition. Even in 9mm, our solders are forced to use a solid full metal jacket round. The 9mm has limited stopping power (especially when compared to the original .45 ACP that use to be standard issue) even with hallow points. However, because some pencil pusher thinks fewer but more effective bullets some how cause less suffering then twice as many less effective ones, they aren't allowed to use a round that could shorten the engagement and save their lives.

Tell me, would you rather have one or two slightly larger hole shot in to your chest which aren't as deep, or three to five cleaner yet deeper holes shot clean through you?  One ends it quick, while the other takes awhile. Now tell me... how does replacing the former with the latter reduce suffering?

Drug War

It's a well know fact that the US prison population is the highest in the world. Most of that population is incarcerated on drug offenses, and a majority of that majority for distributing something less damaging then cigarets and alcohol combined. Law enforcement agencies spend millions of dollars every year trying to hunt down and destroy marijuana producers, distributors, and users.

For the sake of saving time and energy, I'm going to assume most of you reading this blog have done at least some homework on the history of weed on your own and you're already familiar with my stance on the drug.

It's a modern day version of prohibition, which we all know how that ended. The mafia made a killing off of it, while honest brewers and distributors were forced out of work or in to the underground. In the end, it was a failure. Today's prohibition on marijuana on many accounts is much worse. Mexican drug cartels, who are the only producers heartless and greedy enough to kill and bribe in order to distribute their product (which is of poor quality, often polluted), are the only ones making a profit while American citizens who are just trying to pay the bills and feed their family are being thrown behind bars. Factor in the true facts about weed, and it paints one hell of an ugly picture.

and no shit

Ban on gay marrage? Corporate tax breaks? Jail time for downloading music? Saying something that's funded by taxes doesn't exist? What the hell, man? These are just a few things that make no sense, and I could go one for an eternity if I had the patience. Perhaps I'll post more rants in the future, but in the mean time... keep it true.

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