Thursday, July 12, 2012

Rant: Out of rage

There was a time when I was constantly being bombarded by trolls and various morons. A time when there was always something to be pissed off about enough to post a rant. It seems those days are long gone, leaving only my own problems and the mundane corruption in religion and politics to rant about. When I originally started blogging back in the days of Strike Hangar 18, I wanted to show a unique perspective about unique problems and ideas. Now, there are no longer unique problems to rant about. Just the stuff every one else is ranting about; economy, politics, religion, and corruption. While I use to always try to take middle ground, there is no middle ground on these issues. Middle ground is dead.

It could be, though, that I've simply ran out of rage. Nothing gets to me anymore. There are no intelligent arguments left to warrant my attention, just morons that don't know anything about grammar or spell check and various religious nut cases. Instead of being aggravating, it's just cute. Cute, how they put up walls and then get angry when their walls are knocked down by logic.

I think the moral here is the more walls you put up, the weaker you become.

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