Monday, August 6, 2012

The Coming Storm

The dry spell here in Centerville Iowa has passed for now, the grass returning to it's green color. It makes me think about how humanity tends to almost shut down when times get hard, almost taking on a dormant state just as the grass turns brown. The creative engine is still running, though it has entered a hyper-milling mode to conserve fuel. This is the state society is in right now. The war and recession was our drought, and a storm cloud is just over the horizon.

Sooth say: A War is coming

We will see the rain again, but only if we're willing to endure the coming storm. If you've been keeping up with the tensions present between the governments of the world, you know China is starting to look rather warlike, Syria is at war with itself, and North Korea is having it's usual tantrums. That said, we're bound to see something snap within the decade.

I predict a war between Japan and North Korea is imminent, meanwhile we Americans are bound to have our rebellious reputation put to the test. If it happens, it will be the first time in nearly 200 years since we've faced an invading army on the soil of mainland America. While the success of an invasion attempt is unlikely, the threat is now looming. Things may change, but we citizens need to have a plan just in case.

Evacuation (Bugging out)

The first priority is going to be to assess your surroundings. Find three or more escape routes, preferably back roads and trails. An invading force is more likely to be watching the main roads, and will be least knowledgeable of alternate routes (especially if they're not on any map). The first thing they will do is wipe out and take over infrastructure near port cities along the coast, so the best direction to flee will be inland. Small towns in the Midwest with National Guard armories will be, at least for a while, a safe place to take refuge.


Assemble a "bug out bag" with enough food and gear to survive in the wilderness for three days, and have it near the door so you can grab it in a moment's notice. If you don't own a four wheel drive truck, then make evacuation plans with some one who does. You'll need a few in your convoy when the roads become impassible or cease to exist.

Eventually you will have to defend yourself and your group. This doesn't mean to go buy a gun and all the ammunition you can tomorrow, that'll just make you a target when the invaders start looking through records for gun owners who might be potential resistance (I'll get to resistance later). What it does mean is, gather what weapons and ammo you already have, ONLY what you can carry, and pack them in to a combat pack. You're not going to engage enemy forces (at this point), so take no more ammo then you can carry. The best weapon you can pack is your brain, followed by a good machete.

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