Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Finding meaning in dark places

There are situations no one wants to be in... ever. Some will try to run away and hide, and while they may save themselves from distress in the short term, may at the same time miss out on valuable perspective that could serve them later on in life. Others will think long term and weigh the options, a much more logical response. There are a rare breed that, despite the risk, charge head long in to the darkness. What ever the reason, they usually come out the hero... assuming they survive.

Some days, I feel like the coward. Others, I feel like the bad ass hero. Most days I want to believe I fall in to the latter, but in reality I must fall somewhere in between. Reality after all, is never black and white... rather just a billion shades of grey in which we're pretty much scattered and lost. Definitions, as close as they might be, are never exact. Meaning is always going to blur at some point, and the only clarity that is constant in our dimension is this: time always moves forward.

No matter how we see ourselves, or what we want to project, it will always be a rough and imprecise range of meaning. Meaning it self is always changing and evolving at a pace nearly impossible to keep up with. Let's not dwell on trying to define everything. Even the blurred lines can lead us to a realization. These blurs remind us of our flaws, and help us to find our strength. Perhaps if we delve in to the unknown, in to the dark places, we can find ourselves... our identity.

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