Wednesday, September 5, 2012

The Reality of Tomorrow

Time (atleast for us in the 3rd dimension) is a one way street, and we can only see the present and remember the past. Sure, the past gives us data on which we can make predictions for the future, but the tipping point will always remain in the present. I don't know how well this blog will do, or if the radio station will take off. Matter of fact, because of my condition and surroundings, my chances aren't too great.

However, even the slightest anomaly in the present can send events in a completely new direction. Tomorrow I might bump in to some rich and generous professional who likes my blog. It's unlikely, but still possible. I could also die. The fact is, anything is possible at any moment regardless of likelihood. The key to unlock likelihood is in our hands. Right now. The things we do, the investments we make, and the things we teach our children today will set the course for the future. Its up to you. Me also sort of, but mostly you.

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