Monday, October 8, 2012

Big words.

Insoluble ideals have set in to motion a collective collapse of sociological infrastructure. What, in every logical sense, is completely harmless is disdained by the dogmas of bronze age heretics and holy relics. Further dogmas threaten to deteriorate the progress of knowledge and tear apart the true meaning of humanity and life itself. All of these false teachings based on superstition have corrupted humanity not to live for their own, but for a figment of fiction in return for uncertain reward. Is this not the wrong reason to do right? Should we not do good, not out of fear of punishment or expectation of reward, but for the sake of the common good? In stead of playing follow the leader to try to get to a heaven that might not even exist, wouldn't it be better to make our planet more like heaven so, at least if we can't enjoy it, later generations can?

That is all.

fyi: you may have noticed I've deleted most of my posts not related to philosophy or ranting. This is because I'm moving my mundane updates to my new live journal.

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