Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Dogmatic Triggers of Destruction

The measure of greatness is not one's wealth, social status, or past achievements. It is the ability to seek truth, and act on reason and understanding of the truth. Compassion is hard wired in to the human psyche, we see this in the aftermath of every disaster. What's also evident is the horrid effects of dogmas which tend to bypass our compassion when ever those dogmas are threatened, and completely shut down reason. In the face of chaos, religious individuals are most likely to neglect reason in favor of dogma. Through out history, this fact is evident.

Once more, there exists a wicked agenda amongst fundamentalists to wire ancient religious dogmas in to all parts of modern society, including government and education. It's become more apparent in recent years, since a new wave of reason began sweeping across the globe. Rising number of atheists and free thinkers are threatening to destroy fundamental religious dogmas, and the religious extremists are taking notice.

As the saying goes, the empty can rattles the most. Factions like the Westburrow Baptist Church are examples of this. The brainwashed followers have no capacity for reason, or choose to ignore reason for the benefit of their puppet master. Aside from being walking fire hazards that could probably fly if given enough head wind, they're blind to the world around them. It's pure disparity, they know they've lost, but cannot admit to it.

Dogmas and other forms of brain washing will switch off reason. Because of this, some individuals may become violent simply because they fear being wrong. We see this time and time again, where people are beaten, sometimes to death, just because of their beliefs or orientation. Dogmas turn reasonable people in to automatons. Puppets with a hair trigger which threaten to destroy the very foundation of reason.

There are mountains of evidence showing how destructive these religious dogmas can be. Even if an individual isn't violent, they can be self-destructive as result of dogma. If they want to pray, that is perfectly fine, so long as they understand that it is NOT effective and CANNOT be relied upon. Nature cannot be persuaded by prayer, nor can prayer heal the sick or deflect asteroids. That's the job of science and engineering.

Let's bury  these dogmas. Eliminate these illogical sources of hate. We're all humans, hardwired with curiosity, compassion, and the capacity for reason and love. Embrace it.

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