Friday, November 30, 2012


Normally I would keep personal stuff to live journal, but I felt I had to share.

I live in a single bedroom apartment. Alone. It's a nice place for what it is, neighbors are decent, I've got good heating and air conditioning, and a good internet connection. It's an okay place to live, but it's not quite home. Despite being close to family who visit often and are always there, and neighbors who are friendly, it's just shelter.

Saturday, November 24, 2012

More human form of animal.

There's something about furries that set us apart from the rest of society. Something beyond our weirdness and love of anthropomorphics. Something about our humanity which seems to have become more evolved.
" acting more like animals, we've become more human" _ 2 the Ranting Gryphon
 Perhaps it's the negative stigma perpetuated by the media, which we've been trying to correct for a long time, which has brought us closer. Perhaps it's our great diversity, or our playful nature. What ever the case, furries tend to be extremely compassionate. I witnessed this last weekend when I watched people falling over each other to shove money in to a charity jar during Midwest Furfest. With an attendance of 3,212, they raised around $40,000 for a tiny animal shelter. When the reps from that shelter described us as the most welcoming and generous people they've ever met in their entire lives, that with in five minutes of walking inside they felt at home... it stayed with me.

Furries. We are all part of a family that takes care of, not only our own, but fellow man. I came home from that convention with a new perspective of what home means. Part of me has refused to leave that place of warmth and kindness. Never have I felt so proud to be a part anything in my life. I want to thank every single one of those furries for welcoming me in. I'll see you all again next year!

Monday, November 19, 2012

Midwest Furfest (recap coming soon)

I've just returned from the greatest time at Midwest Fur Fest. I'll post more about it later, but for now I have yet to recover. All I can say is, despite it being a cold, cruel world, it was the most heart warming experience.

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Sunday, November 11, 2012

Atheism: The response to foolish

I've been an atheist for a few years, but not until a few months ago have I been as vocal about it. One might wonder why. Why would I risk loosing friends and burning bridges by speaking out over such a trivial issue as religion, or lack there of? The answer is quite simple. I have discovered something truly profound. Not only have I found a source of madness and delusion (as I mention in previous posts), but I have witnessed the full extent of it's hold on humanity.

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

The Age of Reason

Last night, we elected Barack Obama for a second term. At the same time, propositions in several states have passed which legalize gay marriage and marijuana. Foolish ideals based on dogma and greed are slowly dieing off as more and more people here in the US come to their senses and take a stand. Now that the elections are over, perhaps our president can stop pandering to the extreme right (and the religious psychos there in) and get some stuff done... assuming congress isn't going to be a bunch of bastards this time around. Hey, a guy can dream cant he?