Sunday, November 11, 2012

Atheism: The response to foolish

I've been an atheist for a few years, but not until a few months ago have I been as vocal about it. One might wonder why. Why would I risk loosing friends and burning bridges by speaking out over such a trivial issue as religion, or lack there of? The answer is quite simple. I have discovered something truly profound. Not only have I found a source of madness and delusion (as I mention in previous posts), but I have witnessed the full extent of it's hold on humanity.

I'm not out to convert people, nor to profit in any way. Unlike those of religion who see it as a "mission from god(s)" to convert people with brain washed delusions and/or fear mongering (Don't blame people going door to door doing this. They are just brainwashed victims who actually believe they're 'saving souls'), I wish only to get people to think. Don't trust me. Be skeptical. Pray for answers if you'd like, ask your pastors and priests, read the bible cover to cover. Seek knowledge from every source, and fact check those sources.Then double check everything. When you finish, compile every peace of data and write me a letter with demonstrable evidence of exactly how I'm wrong.

Atheism is NOT a religion, but a response to it. That's what the Atheist movement is about. I can't speak for all atheists, as Aron Ra would say we're a "herd of cats". I can only truly speak for myself. For me, it's about not being afraid. It's about critically reflecting on one's own beliefs and constantly refining them as new information becomes available. It's about genuine curiosity, the quest for understanding and finding new knowledge.

Do the research. Question everything. Assume nothing. Morality is hardwired in to something called "the genetic imperative", in layman's terms the instinct to insure the survival of our species. We know instinctively that doing bad things is harmful, and we don't need a book to tell us that. We understand mental conditions that make people go crazy, we can cure all sorts of diseases, we've mapped out all the ACGT's that make up our genes and trace them back to our long dead ancestors. Meanwhile religion has only given false hope and faith in a cruel god which has never had a shred of tangible evidence suggesting it's existence, let alone contribute anything to it's supposed creations.

I have a brain in my head which is computing and storing vast amounts of data every second. This remarkable biological computer has found a critical error in religion. Each time an argument circles back to God or The Bible/Koran/[religious doctrine x] because he/she/it said so. That's not an answer. It's arrogant and incredibly immoral to follow anyone or anything that hasn't earned your trust, and to blindly trust without evidence is utterly foolish.

There's no crime or shame in asking questions. Think for yourself. Take care of what is tangible, the things which you can see and feel. Care for yourself, family, and friends. Care for the earth and all life that inhabit it. This is our home, probably the only home we'll ever know in this lifetime. This one life is the only life that is certain, the afterlife being highly improbable and not worth any bet. Take care of what you have and what you know. That is the atheist perspective.

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