Wednesday, November 7, 2012

The Age of Reason

Last night, we elected Barack Obama for a second term. At the same time, propositions in several states have passed which legalize gay marriage and marijuana. Foolish ideals based on dogma and greed are slowly dieing off as more and more people here in the US come to their senses and take a stand. Now that the elections are over, perhaps our president can stop pandering to the extreme right (and the religious psychos there in) and get some stuff done... assuming congress isn't going to be a bunch of bastards this time around. Hey, a guy can dream cant he?

In addition to several common sense improvements in policy, there is a growing number of Americans who are beginning to get critical of their own religion, and asking all those big questions. They're no longer buying the bull shit, and many are becoming agnostic, some even full blown atheists. Westburrow Baptists may perhaps be the primary trigger, with their mindless and disrespectful protests that drip with dogma that even other baptists distance themselves from as far as possible. Many people of faith began scouring their Bibles trying to figure out why these people were so hateful and found the answer to be the very book that has guided their own decisions.

A huge part of why I believe Barack pulled through this fairly narrow victory comes down to this very issue. Obama is by far more accepted among the growing secular population, while the bible belt voted, as they always do, for the republican candidate, Romney. This is where an interesting flaw of the Electoral Collage comes in. My guess is, some of those states in the bible belt are most likely considered 'big' states, so some of their voting power was redistributed to smaller states. While the public vote alone would have elected Romney, the Electoral Collage vote gave it to Obama.

I'm not an expert on the EC, but this quirky flaw turns out to be coincidentally beneficial. As long as states like Texas and Alabama are consistently voting republican simply because that candidate is more "christian" and believe democrats are all heathens, in my opinion, should continue to have less power then states with a decent education system, which should have every bit of sway in the election.

@neiltyson: Always been fascinated that in any state, counties with big cities or institutions of higher learning, tend to vote Democrat.
This quote from Neil Degrasse Tyson on twitter says it pretty well. Anywhere information is allowed to flow, people tend to be more informed. They are also less afraid to share that knowledge with people around them. It's well known that religion goes right along with the republican party nearly 75% of the time. In the bible belt, that flow of information can be slowed or stopped by religious dogma, especially when religious leaders call intellectuals the spawn of Satan, and tell their followers they will burn in eternal damnation if they believe anything that contradicts the bible... like science.

Today, much thanks to the efforts of atheist and secular groups, we've entered a new age. An age where logic and evidence will forever win over fables and myths. Thanks to new resources on the internet, knowledge will spread like wildfire. Bronze age dogmas will be slain by the fruits of the information age, and give way to reason.

It's a revolutionary time to be alive in America. Soon, I predict that we will see huge changes. Remember that "End of the world" thing that was suppose to happen this year? Perhaps, by shear chance, the Mayans have predicted something completely different. The start of a new cycle... the age of reason.

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