Friday, December 14, 2012

Another Shooting

By the time you're able to read this, then you've probably already heard about the shooting in Connecticut. The reports are just now starting to come in, and people are already tying to politicize the situation before anyone has any idea of the shooter's motives. Every time there's a tragedy, and someone figures out who did it, deciphering the motive is the last thing on their minds. Driven by fear, they'll put up walls. They demand laws and restrictions, demand that the law protects them.  Meanwhile, the motive that drives someone to kill still remains. I've said it time and time again, the only way to prevent tragedy is to eliminate the source of madness.

Recall the mythological tale of Hercules and the Hydra. When we try to cut off the head by banning weapons and enforcing laws, two heads take it's place. Keep cutting off heads, and even more heads grow back. Ban a weapon, and it goes to the black market where real criminals don't even need a background check, and even more weapons are on the streets in criminal hands.

This post, however, isn't about that. I'm writing to contest the sheer recklessness of people in times of distress. Pretending like something like this simply happened out of the blue, that no one saw it coming. We don't yet even know anything about the shooter, and I'll bet the next three weeks will be nothing but bantering about gun control. It's obvious the shooter had a screw loose, that's a given. What we need to ask is, who or what loosened his screws? What is it that drove this individual, who perhaps may have seemed like an alright guy at some point, to go completely insane? Was it religion? Was it family issues? Peer pressure perhaps? We need to know the source of madness before we all freak out over political bull shit.

Another problem is the tendency of people, especially those in the far right, to put on rose colored glasses and pretend that everything is perfectly fine until someone pulls a gun in a public place. When shit like this happens, something was already going wrong long before the first round was chambered. They were just like you once. You were just like them. The moment they were left in the cold, when they were deceived, broken, or ignored, that was the moment everything started to fall apart. That's when the connections that made one sane broke. Doesn't matter if they were religious extremists, gang bangers, murderers, rapists, or just someone who snapped. The source of madness always ends up being deceit.

How can we learn from tragedy? Can we ever learn to understand reality? Will it ever be possible for us as a species to go against deception, corruption, and greed? Can humanity ever learn to see the big picture? We're all one people, out on the same branch of the tree of life. There is only one tree of life that we know of, and it grows on the one planet that we know to support life. It may seem big standing on the ground, but it's far smaller. A speck of cosmic sand in a vast and endless ocean. Looking at our little planet from space, you don't see borders. There is no religion, no culture. Just land, oceans, clouds, ice, and the twinkling of lights. These lights give a hint to the ingenuity of the inhabitants of Earth. Then, on the off chance that black smoke rises high in to the atmosphere, you witness the destructive nature set on by our imaginary borders.

If every human on the face of the planet could see the world for what it is, rather then what they wish to believe it to be, maybe then we could get to the root of evil. If everyone took a big step back, took off their rose colored glasses of dogma and greed, and breathed in the truth that we're all in this together, we could eliminate the source of madness. It's been said, the more intelligent you are, the less prone you are to rage. Someone who is wise will never strike another out of fear or anger.

I feel we are on the verge of a new age of enlightenment. Perhaps one day soon, we will look back on today as the bygone era it is, and we will tell our children true tails of the once wicked ways of humanity and how very far we've come. On day we will teach our young to embrace their natural kindness, and to investigate curiosity to the fullest. How foolish we were to believe that walls and boarders could give us peace. How foolish we were to have faith in a deity that demanded the death of our brothers and sisters whether blood or not.

We are one. A global collective of intelligent beings, with the power to do extraordinary things. We are wired to act as a collective mind, not as the Borg, but as individual minds reaching for a common goal.

Again, I must pay tribute to the furry fandom. Furries have proven a collective force of compassion and generosity. It may have taken a small business owner taking a brick to the head in defense of a furry patron for us to realize it, but it was an eye opening and heart warming revelation. Even in the darkest times, we furries will always be furries.

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